Alles aan een mens is intelligent: het brein, het hart, het lichaam. Deze intelligenties zijn altijd op zoek naar voluit leven, vanuit potentie. In het leven, in de liefde en in werk. Misschien is dit wel de reden waarom je nu hier bent.

- Meis Thewissen


As a therapist I work from your whole being. You, your thinking, your feeling, your life and work. Because everything is connected to everything. In a way that shows intelligence. A disturbance in one place somewhere in your system affects your entire 'being'. 


We have a brain, a heart and a body that tells us everything about ourselves. In order to be in your wisdom, you need connection with yourself. That's why I work from the body; that is wise and cannot lie. The heart is wise, your intuition is wise. Most of what you need to answer your question is already there. Together we seek that wisdom. dat is wijs en kan niet liegen. Het hart is wijs, je intuïtie is wijs. Het meeste van wat je nodig hebt om je vraag te beantwoorden is al aanwezig. Samen zoeken we die wijsheid op.


Sometimes there are times in life when nothing seems to work anymore. How it went is no longer possible and how it will go is not yet known. You get stuck: your life energy and pleasure in life drain away. These are often moments of 'emptiness' and being alone. Or gloom and lethargy. It is the time to do homework because you are in transformation. 

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