After 15 years of working with people, I have developed an effective mix of treatment methods. I like to do what is necessary, not follow a particular method. My starting point is the language of the body and the language of language. Read the body and see what your body tells you and me. Listening to how words hold your meanings and confessions. I also like to work with everyone's unique talents, the intelligent of the body and with the brain. 

My approach is the present; that's what we have. The past is only important if it still interferes with the present, for example when past experiences still guide you today, without you having much control over them. Whether consciously or unconsciously. I would also like to look at the future with you, how you want to create it, what goal you want to achieve.

I think an important aspect is the peace and trust in our collaboration. That you experience that you can be yourself. That you can relax, so that you can gain new experiences and insights that replace old, blocking stressful experiences.

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